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Unitec Industries brands offer a real solution for today's demand in leading industries and households at affordable prices

LAMITEC flooring

laminate flooring is a premium floating floors alternative for every home. Laminate flooring is a popular choice and growing trend around the world and particular in Australia. Possessing durability of hardwood and a look of real wooden floors, laminate flooring is also a cost effective and easy to install solution for every household. At LAMITEC we aim to serve our customers with quality products at affordable price.

Galaxy Carpet Tiles

GALAXY carpet tiles are a new brand of commercial grade, practical, heavy duty and hard-wearing floor covering solutions. GALAXY is installed quickly and easily, making it extremely user friendly and cost efficient.

These commercial floor carpet tiles are perfect for trade shows, basements, indoor patios, playrooms, and anywhere a cost effective, soft flooring option is desired. Suitable for home, commercial spaces, office, school, hotel, workshop, etc.

GALAXY tiles are resistant to stains, mold, mildew, moisture and fading. They can be quickly and easily replaced if it is required.
As we have no middleman and control our costs, you have an excellent opportunity to buy high quality carpet tiles at very affordable prices.

TRINITY Appliances

TRINITY Appliances brand stands for premium quality, reliability and innovation. Over a decade of close collaboration with top manufacturers and users of kitchen appliances enables us to produce products which comply with the most demanding requirements.

In this way we are able to provide a link between the producer and the customer in Australia, Asia and Europe for quality household and light commercial products.

TRINITY kitchen appliances are for quality and fair pricing while providing a high standard of satisfaction for our customers.


SAKURA Mattresses

SAKURA beds are well known as a supplier of premium grade mattresses to hotels for a long time. Years of close cooperation with leading manufacturers make us able to guarantee our customers the highest quality products with uncompromising support and comfort. Now high quality SAKURA premium mattresses available for public in White pearl and Optima collections.

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